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 A Dream
A Dream, Tony Cutler & Richard Smith

This recording is the result of a collaboration between two people for whom music is a passion. What Tony Cutler and Richard Smith have created is unique and their unusual use of guitar and electric harmonica has produced very atmospheric pieces with which to relax.

Tony has played in a variety of bands over the years and this has given him much experience of playing live. But, there was a limitation to the satisfaction that it gave. For some time he has been searching for that elusive new angle. Original composition was the answer and this can be heard dramatically in the tracks of this CD.

Similarly, Richard has played in a number of different outfits from acoustic Folk to electric Blues. It was whilst playing amplified that he had the idea to create the first electric harmonica. Like Tony, Richard was looking for a different approach particularly as the harmonica has been pidgeon-holed mostly as a blues only instrument. Coincidently, exhibiting at the Y2K Tomorrow's World inventors fair in London meant that music was needed to demonstrate the new instrument. This resulted in music being composed to do just that. Some of those original tracks can be heard on this album.

The title, "A Dream", summarises the thoughts of what could be, both in the creation of new instrument and the music that has evolved around it. These original compositions, by two experienced musicians, have created a new genre of music that is difficult to classify. Suffice it to say that it can be enjoyed with a glass of wine and is the perfect remedy after a stressful day.
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Enquiries can be directed to Tony or Richard at the following:

 Harmonix Harmonicas - incorporating haRmonic Solutions
Corner Cottage,
King Street,
EX24 6LB
 T +44 (0)7974 387063 | E
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